Treatment of Burning Vulvar Syndrome

Burning Vulvar Syndrome

Studies have found that one in four women experience chronic vulvar pain at some point in their lives, making burning vulvar syndrome (vulvodynia) a very common disorder affecting women and girls of all ages and ethnicities. This common condition involves pain or a burning sensation around the vagina opening. In severe cases, sexual intercourse and tampon use are difficult or even impossible.

The exact cause of this syndrome is unknown, however, it may involve an inflammation or irritation of nerve endings in this region. Local irritation such as harsh soap, feminine sprays, and even dyes in clothing can also play a role in Burning Vulvar Syndrome


Since the cause of vulvodynia is unknown, treatment options are numerous. Treatment options can include topical steroids, topical anesthetic gels, and oral medications that decrease the sensitivity of nerves in this region. Occasionally, surgery involving the removal of a thin strip of skin at the base of the vaginal opening is necessary. This is effective in approximately 80-90% of cases and dramatic relief is often achieved. Dr. Farmer has successfully treated many patients with this unpleasant condition. Call our office to schedule an appointment today.

There is no one treatment that works for all women. So if you are experiencing this unpleasant condition, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farmer today and let’s start working toward relieving your pain.